For 30 years, Fabrix has been upcycling fabric and trims from local San Francisco factories, designers and manufacturers.


Where does our fabric come from?

Believe it or not, not all fabric stores are the same.

Some buy the newest designs from mills overseas. Some buy from salesmen who represent multiple designers. Some buy from resellers who consolidate overstock from mills, trucking fabric all over the country.

Fabrix is a different kind of store.

In the lifecycle of fabric, apparel manufacturer, furniture upholsterers and other wholesale customers end up buying more fabric than they use for a variety of reasons. They are left with extra yardage, often not enough for fabric resellers to bother with but more than enough for our customers, who discover beautiful and high quality fabric they can’t get anywhere else – at unmatched prices!

We buy these extras instead of using middlemen to fill our store, and we only buy local from Bay Area factories. We are family owned, so we pick everything up ourselves in our trusty Toyota Highlander and keep this extra fabric out of landfill.

Who does this benefit?

Our sources: It’s hard to run a manufacturing business in the Bay Area and our sources can earn back some of the investment in materials they no longer need.

Our customers: We pass these savings on directly to our customers which is why we have the best prices on fabric and trims in the city.

What do we buy that is not upcycled?

Our notions and some hard-to-stock textiles. It’s hard to complete a sewing product without elastic, sewing needles, and threads. Meanwhile, factories almost never have leftover quilting cottons, tuille and felt. It’s rare, and we try hard to avoid it, but sometimes we can’t.

Why should you care?

Fabrix is truly a unique San Francisco store that is a part of the circular economy of Bay Area manufacturers. When you shop at Fabrix, you know you have contributed to keeping fabric, most of which is currently not recyclable, out of landfill, and you saved money doing it!

This also means new items come in and sell out on a regular basis. Check in often both in our store and online to see what is new, and if you see something you like, grab it….it won’t last long.

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